SmartCloud Platform

Cloud Management Platform SmartCloud is our Cloud Management Platform with our machine learning algorithm & cloud management experiences to help our customers quickly deploy cloud resources, optimize cloud performances and reduce the cost. SmartCloud helps streamline & automate your cloud operations. Talk to Our Expert


  • Usage report
  • Performance report
  • Migration report
  • Container report

Billing Management

  • Cost explorer
  • Cost optimization
  • Budgeting
  • Global billing

DevOp Automation

  • Cloud Automation
  • AWS Best Practice
  • Policy Management
  • Governance


  • Privacy security
  • Data security
  • GDPR etc. compliance
  • Automating process
Cloud Billing Management

SmartCloud analyzes your cloud usage and gives detailed billing reports for you to easily predict future cloud expenses and usage trends. With SmartCloud billing alerts, users will be notified automatically to prevent overspending to the planned budget. SmartCloud can effectively track and visualize your cloud usage, cost and performance to conduct right sizing suggestions, RI best recommendation and cost analysis which helps you create better cloud environment.

Automation and Service Monitoring

Aside from automating EC2 and RDS, SmartCloud could also provide backup scheduling and RDS cross-region backup with just ONE click. SmartCloud’s powerful monitoring service combines with state-of-the-art automation across various cloud services, in which enterprises can optimize cost and free up IT personnel to focus on higher valued tasks.

ONE Click to Cloud Best Practice

Just with one click, SmartCloud can generate a wide variety of cloud reports including cost report, usage report, high availability report performance report etc., and users can easily optimize their cloud environments based on insights from these reports.

Security is Job Zero

SmartCloud’s international standard of security and compliances helps enterprises secure sensitive data and protect their privacy. SmartCloud also helps enterprises automate security compliances to continuously improve their cloud security based on valuable suggestions made on the security report. The effort and commitment put into protecting enterprises’ data has allowed their cloud services to become the leading exemplar of cloud security.

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